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National Fatherhood Initiative

"... Any attempt at alienating a child from the other parent 
should be seen as a direct and willful violation of one of the prime duties of parenthood..."

This public service message is brought to you by Disco Dan.

It takes a MAN to be a Dad! 

Fathers as the victims of VIOLENCE & ABUSE (Often ignored, often falsely-accused, some Fathers tough it out and take it...)

Fathering (These stats & their sources belie an unfair state of affairs that is being endured by MANY good and decent Fathers...)

FATHER INVOLVEMENT - (click on the link below)
Fatherhood & Parenting resources on the Internet (Courtesy of "Family Life Team Educators" in Illinois, and the "NCCIC")  THANK YOU for your SUPPORT !

"If you have the law on your side, argue the law; If you have the facts on your side, argue the facts; If you have neither on your side, just argue!"

PROCLAMATIONS, MAGAZINE & NEWSPAPER ARTICLES, ESSAYS & LETTERS - (published material, by your host links to PIX and more...)  

The State of Wisconsin ceased issuance of "official proclamations" in 2010 as an austerity measure.

State of Wisconsin, Governor's Proclamation, State Fatherhood Week 2009 - (Official Proclamation, June 2009) 

State of Wisconsin, Governor's Proclamation, State Fatherhood Week 2008 - (Official Proclamation, June 2008)

State of Wisconsin, Governor's Proclamation, State Fatherhood Week 2007 - (Official Proclamation, June 2007)

State of Wisconsin, Governor's Proclamation, State Fatherhood Week 2006 - (Official Proclamation, June 2006)

State of Wisconsin, Governor's Proclamation, State Fatherhood Week 2005 - (Official Proclamation, June 2005) 

State of Wisconsin, Governor's Proclamation, State Fatherhood Week 2004 - (Official Proclamation, June 2004)

State of Wisconsin, Governor's Proclamation, State Fatherhood Week 2003 - (Official Proclamation, June 2003)

State of Wisconsin, Governor's Proclamation, State Fatherhood Week 2002
- (Official Proclamation, June 2002)

State of Wisconsin, Governor's Proclamation, State Fatherhood Week 2001
- (Official Proclamation, June 2001)

THINK before you speak, is it: Thoughtful?  Helpful?  Important?  Necessary?  Kind?
"Wisconsin proud Dads - heads held high!"

Parental Alienation Syndrome  - (Published by the WCMHCC, a State-certified behavioral health & addiction treatment practice group - 7 cities.)

Divorce: How to Get you Children Through It - (As prepared for PSYCHOLOGY TODAY magazine.)

Family Wars - (Do you know a child who is in the process of becoming alienated from a parent?)

Domestic Abuse & Violence (against men)? - (Contrary to popularized beliefs, men are also subjected to violent and abusive behavior in a relationship.)

Dad e-Male - (Send a message to this proud Wisconsin "Papa" of: Claire, Anne, Hélène [they're half-French] & the "Dada" of: James!)

Tu m'as fait faire mes premiers pas... (In French / en Français - for my 3 daughters in France / pour mes trois filles)

"Never give up!  Never give up!  Never give up!"

SHOCK(ing) TREATMENT -  We have a DYSFUNCTIONAL social and legal system!  

FACT: Half as many Men file for divorce as do Women.
FACT: Proportionately, twice as many Mothers default on child support payments as do Fathers.
FACT: Billions in government dollars aid Mothers, whereas virtually no family assistance programs exist for Fathers.
FACT: Social studies have shown that fully 50% of Women feel that a Father's presence within the family is if no value.
FACT: Four out of 10 children live alienated from the presence of their Fathers or are denied contact due to willful acts of the Mothers.
FACT: Courts are 9X more likely to order child placement with a Mother (research shows no grounds for the denial of primary placement with Fathers).

 In Canada too!  / Au Canada aussi! (click on link)

"The Best Parent is Both Parents..."  

Social policies in the United States have rarely included support for fathers -- to help them keep their families together. While trillions of dollars are being spent on welfare (primarily for women and children), comparatively, virtually nothing is being allocated on the behalf of Fathers.  Resources such as United Way exclude services for Fathers. State court systems have globally circumvented Fathers since before 1880 (refer to: "Hart vs. Hart 14 Philadelphia Reports 352"), leaving social services for Dads in a void...   The present, "winner take all" legal process (dealing with family law matters involving children), is emotionally and financially damaging to children and families --  BOTH social policies and the legal process need to be reformed.

"Integrity is telling yourself the truth.  And honesty is telling the truth to other people..."


United Nations - Convention on the Rights of the Child (Families Know No Political or Geographical Boundaries)

UNICEF - (Child's Rights)

The National Center for Fathering (Strengthening Families by Strengthening Fathers...) 

Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families (Wisconsin Fathers)

Dad's Against Discrimination - National Home Office - (Fathers Supporting Fathers) 
Lagging Behind The Times:  Parenthood, Custody, & Gender Bias In The Family Court  (A must read from the Florida Law Review) PDF

Deadbeat Dads? (More myth than reality!) Fathers are a Family's best bet!

1-800-790-DADS (National Fatherhood Initiative)

SOS Papa - (Association pour la défense des droits des enfants et des pères.)  French language site.

"What magnifies the risk of  abuse for children is not the presence of a father, but his absence..."

"Hey Mommy," the child asked, "Do Dads go to heaven, too?"

"Of course they do," responded the Mother. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, I just never see any pictures of Angels with whiskers."

The Mom replied, "I can assure you that Good fathers do go to heaven."

She added, "But you see honey, for some, it's a very close shave..."

Practice this thought: Try to figure out what you can learn from the most "difficult" person in your life...
(They challenge and teach us our most important spiritual lessons, the lessons that we would be most unlikely to learn on our own.)

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