Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Humboldt Park vs Atlas School
Saturday, the 9th of May, 2009
Pre-game warm-up, with our Coach.
Lined-up to kick, "practice" GOALS !
Coach showing how it's done... (without even looking).
We're ready to "go"...
Here's one way to give the ball a SOLID ... "whack"!
The Match is about to start.
Coach gives our team his, "thumbs up"...
Last minute strategies...
Coach taking notes -- getting the roster down, and onto the record.
Choosing a captain.
The game begins.  An initial chase, for possession of the ball!
Another scuffle...
Humboldt Park defending the goal.
Clearing the ball away from the other team.
Atlas headed in for a goal...
A LONG kick from Humboldt territory, into Atlas turf...
My HERO (yes, his Dad talking here)...
The ball takes flight!
Even the parents want to get into the game!
Yet another battle over possession of the ball.
More tangled legs!
(Where'd the ball go, everyone?)
Headed-in for a goal (but, for which team is in control)?
Ball in the middle of a jumbled mix of legs 'N feet..
Chasing down the ball -- on the run!
Let's get it set up...
Game over. 
Atlas = 4  Humboldt Park = 1
Good sportsmanship for all to see.
More congrats & "Good Game", thank you's.
That was FUN everybody!  Let's play again, soon!
Photos - with compliments of James' DadRobert C. Kuhmann.
Dedicated to ALL of our kids! 
May every parent have a S
occer "HERO"!

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