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Denys Pierre

Dans son atelier, circa 1924-1934
Denys Pierre Puech (dans son atelier, circa 1912).
Le buste qui se trouve derrière D. Puech est celui de Lanciani, réalisé en 1924 -- Lanciani: Archéologue à Rome était très lié à Puech)
The bust, sculpted in 1924 (and visible behind Denys), is that of the archeologist, Lanciani of Rome.

Photo (probably) 1923-34 because calendar says (in Italian):
FEBBRAIO 21 Mercoledi (February 21, a Wednesday ...occurred in 1923 & 1934).
Note that he is wearing a wedding ring -- thus, the photo was taken after his marriage in 1908.
Download a larger photo (1440 × 1359 pixels), here: )
Self-portrait (scultpure) and photo for comparison.
Here, I've mirrored his "self-portrait, buste" along side of this photo -- for comparison.
 (Note that he had NO moustache on either.)
See also, this photo of Louis Puech, (1051 × 1288 pixels), here:

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